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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Problems encountered while installing OBIEE after unistalling the previous version


On running the Oracle XE Database installer, I hit this problem:

"OracleXEService should not be installed already"

Checking for Oracle XE Service instance…:
Expected result : OracleXEService should not be installed already.
Actual result: OracleServiceXE found on system.
Check complete: The overall result of this check is failed.

This error can be overcome by cleaning the registry properly after uninstalling.Follow this link for cleaning the registry:


The below error comes when trying to run the rcu.bat file

Solution: Copy the rcu setup to the desktop and install


Below error comes when setting up rcu.

Solution: Start OracleXEClrAgent and OracleXETNSListener.Now run rcu.

Till next time :)

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