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Sunday, September 2, 2012

Master Detail Event in OBIEE 11G

Master-detail linking of views allows us to establish a relationship between two or more views such that one view, called the master view, will drive data changes in the other (connected) views, called detail views. For e.g., let’s assume that we have two views, one a table that shows dollars by region, the other a graph that shows dollars by brand with region on a section slider. Using the master detail linkage, we could connect the two in such a manner that on clicking a particular region, the region in the section slider of the graph as well as the data in the graph will change.

Let’s understand how to set this up. Let’s create a sample new analysis. I am using the SampleApp that is delivered with OBIEE 11g. I created a report with the following sample fields:

Let’s designate the T05 Per Name Year as the column that will be the master driving our detail views. Click properties for T05 Per Name Year. On the interaction tab, set the value Primary Interaction to ‘Send Master-Detail Events’. We would also need to specify a channel for the detail views to be listening. In this example, we’ll use 1. Multiple channels allows for creating multiple listener events in the dashboard/report.

We’ll create an analysis that includes a vertical bar chart and a pivot table. We create a graph and move the T05 Per Name Year to the sections and display as a slider:

Open the graph properties and edit to ‘Listen to Master-Detail Events’. The specified channel name “must” match the name given in the column properties earlier.

NOTE : In the detail view we need to include that column which is to be passed from master to detail as a prompt.

For example: Assume you are clicking on the “Site Desc” column from the master view and want the detail view to change according to the site clicked upon. In this case you should make the “Site Desc” column in the detail view as a prompt.

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  1. Hello Naveen,
    your explanation for master detail relationship is fine with table as a master and any other graph, but if we want to have the relationship with line chart and bar chart, is it possible. If possible please tell me the solution here.
    Thank you.


Thank you

- Naveen