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Sunday, September 16, 2012



For Java components within OBIEE (BI Publisher, RTD, some Hyperion products such as the Calc Manager) there are fairly granular permissions such as being able to run a report, develop a report, deploy a report and so on.


For the system components such as the BI Presentation Server and BI Server the permissions are limited to administrators and are all about editing the RPD and catalog, which means that for more granular control over these areas, you’ll need to use the BI Administration tool and the Presentation Server administration web pages. This is because these permissions really only work in a java context and the only real limitation they can put on more traditional aspects of OBIEE are to grant the ability to edit the RPD and catalog, and OBIEE then falls back on the traditional permissions maintained in the BI Admin tool and the webcat admin page (shown below) to grant the ability to run reports, access answers, create charts and so on.

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